Many companies can make shoes, what makes us exceptional and has them coming back year after year is our collaborative approach and our complete dedication to meeting the needs of today’s consumers.

We partner with customers, business associates, and colleagues on a personal level, with respect and integrity. We take the time to understand the ever-changing marketplace and our customer needs. Getting high-quality products to the right place, at the right price, and right on time, has enabled us to become one of the most efficient suppliers and partners of choice for quality footwear.

Pat Mooney

President | Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas Licavoli

Chief Financial Officer

Jodie Johnson

Executive Vice President | Baretraps

Andrew Tastad

Executive Vice President | Frye Footwear

Bill Downey

Executive Vice President | Product Brands

Jon Hanson

Executive Vice President | Spyder Footwear

Mike Mooney